Change the world to evolve around giving?

It might sound impossible. But in fact, it is nothing more than opening ourselves up. To undo ourselves from any old stifling beliefs within ourselves & our society.

From Ownership to Giving

We seem to have refrained ourselves from freely giving in our society by instigating systems and structures that build upon the notion of ownership.

Now, don’t get us wrong; this framework of ownership has provided us with a means of unparalleled technological, economic & social progress.

We are however, consistently being faced by our own behaviour: the recurring financial & economic crises, global warming, inequality, greed and alienation from eachother. As we are collectively being confronted by the downfalls of our current way of doing things, our consciousness is evolving. The same structures and systems that we’ve adhered to for so long appear to be incapable of coping with these daunting challenges.

A simple starting point: our Hearts

Everybody wants to give. Whether it’s talent, compassion, time or a free hug. Mad scientists have already proven that giving fills us with gratitude, joy, health & meaning. We all naturally feel these benefits in our personal lives.

It is in our hearts. With it, we can build our 21st Century Society.


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