0 Giving is All we Have Animated: Challenges of the 21st Century

transformational Evolving Culture: practicing the new world


Around the world people are unplugging from ‘the system’ and decide to follow their spirit of heart. They start to express their purpose through starting social enterprises, rediscovering the artist within themselves or start to do more charitable work. All in service for the whole. Read the rest of this entry »

Give sHop Give Shop Goose Bumps @ TEDx


Recently, our crew organized yet another Give Shop. At TEDxMaastricht this time. Once more, the experience was mind blowing and many people got reconnected to their hearts by the simple act of unconditional giving.

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 Will you take Giving is All we Have to the next level?


As some of you might have noticed, some developments are going on at Giving is all we Have. Read the rest of this entry »

blog18 Beautiful Economy, Earth & Spring College


Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to two of the most inspiring girls I have recently met.  With their being, teachings & initiatives they are of major inspiration to humanity.  Read the rest of this entry »

0 Lost in Excess: A talk about consciousness & Societal transformation

Recently I was asked by the organizational committee of the Veerstichting to talk in front of 700 students, politicians, scientists, business leaders and other influentials from all levels of Society to talk at their conference. Read the rest of this entry »

financing global sharing report final 11 Financing the Global Sharing Economy


Many forces are lined up to create that heart based society we’re talking about. An interesting report by ‘Share the World Resources’. Read the rest of this entry »

future4 Get yourself prepared for 2013: 7 must reads


We all feel it by know. Our new world is ready to take shape, manifested from a heart consciousness. Here are some must reads from the past year to get yourself and your business prepared for 2013.

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infinitepotential1 You are Infinite Potential   Transcend Leadership


You probably feel it within. You’re capable of doing so much more. Probably you’ve been educated within our current educational system. Geared towards restriction, standardization  & specialization, it is perfectly suited to prepare you to contribute to our current economic system. No wonder you feel locked down. Read the rest of this entry »

economyillustration A Me First versus We First Economy?


The so-called ‘We first’ Economy. It proclaims the inclusion of social and environmental aspects into our way of doing business and economy to be of crucial importance for our next era. However, from a consciousness perspective, defining ‘Me vs. We’ keeps the same origin of our old economy in place.

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thingsthatmatter 1 That Game called Self Realization


The process of Self realization. Becoming who you truly are. It requires gut, honesty and awareness. It often includes confrontation with your Self (in fact it always does ;) In my experience it’s best to see as a funny game. Read the rest of this entry »

 Giving, Money & Happiness: a Personal Story from Dadara


It would be great to have a world where gift- and money economy exist side by side. A world with many different types of currencies, so you could always find the currency suitable for your needs, and money would only be considered one of many ways to exchange. Read the rest of this entry »

wanttogive Feel like Giving? Check this out!

Like I said before, all of us want to give. Many people I encounter express their belief, support & enthusiasm about Giving is All we Have for which I’m very grateful.  Most of them ask the question: “What can I do to realize this world that you’re portraying?”

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 Breaking through a Maze of Conventions


Every now and then, I catch myself being distracted by the benefits of that ‘old way’ of doing things. Shouldn’t I just get a job like ‘normal’ people do? With security of income, a predictable career path and all? Sounds tempting.

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still Time, Speediness and Stillness within Organisations


That very moment you step into your office. ‘More efficient. Faster. First-to-Market. More Growth. Increasing productivity.’ Are we captured in the speediness of our organisations? Read the rest of this entry »

conscious3 99 Ways to Help you Live more Consciously


Want to raise your consciousness & leadership skills, but don’t know how? Easy! Check out these 99 pointers to help you out in your quest. Enjoy.

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buy nothing new month Buy Nothing New & the Decline in Consumption


Recently, the Buy Nothing New Campaign was introduced in the Netherlands. This campaign has the aim of making people aware of  their consumptive patterns. Check it out!

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 Question: Are you truly Living from the Heart?


Living from the heart. It seems like a popular quote nowadays. We all have a heart, so we can directly relate to it. But are you really living from your heart? I found out that one simple question can provide the answer.

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 The Consciousness Warriors Guidebook to Creating the Future


We have reached 1001 likes! For this special occasion, I would like to share the insights with you that I’ve gathered over the past couple of months. They will help you playfully create our future and become a ‘consciousness warrior without a fight’ yourself!

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displaypicture large  large Creating our 21st Century Society: Explore within, Manifest without


A new world firmly rooted in giving. Right. It might sound a bit too far-fetched for some. Some even say it’s overly idealistic. After all, how on earth would we ever be able to create such a world? Here are some quick insights for those willing to engage in an, actually kind of funny, game of world-change. Read the rest of this entry »

give shop lowlands 2012 recieving giving1 Give Shop: Unconditional Giving & Receiving @ Lowlands


Last weekend at Lowlands 2012, our Giving is All we Have crew have been working their asses off to help people remember what it is like to give & receive unconditionally. Results were mind boggling. Read all about it here. Read the rest of this entry »

lowlands giftshop Announcing the Gift Shop at Lowlands 2012


Giving is All we Have joins forces with Lowlands to engage in a big giving experiment! Announcing the Gift Shop at Lowlands 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

lighthouse Radical Financial Innovation for the 21st Century
Our monetary system bares some fundamental flaws that will eventually take care of its own collapse. It appears that we’re on the verge of the most radical financial innovation ever. Read the rest of this entry »

 The Gift of Duality Consciousness: Soul Teachings

At some point in time*, we were urged to live in the fragmented illusion of our minds. Living from this duality consciousness unfolded as a brilliant and major teaching for our souls. Read the rest of this entry »

gift society vier magazine1 Interview: A Gift Society from the HeartRecently, I was interviewed about my ideas on a Gift Society for Vier Magazine. Once again with my partner in Giving Robbert Vesseur. ;-)
Check it out (both Dutch & english available)
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bluecontrastfloweryellowgerberayellowflowers 6d4bce6c4926f65bab2b19cce8532e7d h Conscious Leadership: living from the heart

“We can’t tackle our challenges with the same kind of consciousness with which we created them”

In order for the giving society to physically manifest, we will first have to experience some shifts in our collective consciousness. This process has already long begun, and follows the path from the mind to the heart. Read the rest of this entry »

generous logo The Generous You: do you belong to Generation G?


The Generation of Generousity. They’re taking up one of what I consider to be the coolest challenge in the world: raising the vibration of our planet to a next level of consciousness. Do you belong to generation G? Read the rest of this entry »

earthly Earthly Transformation: Our World is Going Free


Some interesting stuff is going on our humble little planet. I’m not talking 2012 Mayan prophecies here*, but about the earthly prelude to a fundamental transformative period that will unfold over the next period. Which might be sooner than you think. Read the rest of this entry »

intention The Power of Intention: an Organisational Perspective


A single thought creates your universe. Now what then do you want your thoughts to be? A question that not only applies to each one of us personally, but for our organisations as well. Read the rest of this entry »

giving share care Giving and Receiving: Lessons from a Powerful Consciousness Mechanism


Two days ago, Alice Thuss, a dear friend of mine, organised the Giving is All we Have ‘Share & Care’ event during the national celebration day of our Queens’ birthday. With this experiment, we had the intent of exploring an economy based on giving in real life. Read the rest of this entry »

human consciousness development The new HRM:Human Consciousness Development


As the fundamental challenge for companies in the 21st Century is their search for purpose and societal relevance, human resource management and management development is put into a broader perspective as well. Read the rest of this entry »

zebra crossing alienation The Alienating Property of Zebra Crossings


A couple of months ago, I walked over a zebra crossing. A car stopped to let me cross the road. I gave the driver a smile and a cheerful nod of gratitude. But before I knew it, I was struck.

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the butterfly effect Giving: The Butterfly Effect


When you give, do you expect something back? Is giving with those reciprocity expectations true giving? Or is it merely an action to achieve your chosen end?

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Jeroen Rapa Nui coaching Im giving away my lifetime of coaching & support


I have decided to give away a lifetime of coaching, skills & support to a guy or girl who believes he or she could use to help by a guy like me.

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man on a mission 2 Diary of a Man on a Mission


It seems like it was yesterday; coming back from my travel with a crazy idea of changing this world to evolve around giving. From the firm belief that I couldn’t change anyone else, I changed myself. Up to this day, I continue to be in awe about what is happening. A short sum-up and a moment of gratitude. Read the rest of this entry »

consciousness2 The Economic Crisis: A Mirror to our consciousness Part 2


In my last article I’ve explored the idea that our current systems & structures are a reflection to our historical state of consciousness.  Now that our consciousness is on the move, what effects will it have on these systems & structures?

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mirror The Economic Crisis: a Mirror to our consciousness part I


Every single day we get bombarded by news about the financial and economic crisis. What causes these crises? Our economic system?  Our banks?  Think again.

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nintendoWii copy Im giving away my Nintendo Wii & Games


Well, I’ve had great fun with my Nintendo Wii, especially throwing all those banana leaves at Luigi from my kart. But now it’s time for me to let go and give somebody else the pleasure of this gaming frenzy. Unconditionally. Read the rest of this entry »

socialenterprise Im giving away 40 hours of my time to a social enterprise


I firmly believe that social enterprising will be the way forward in the 21st Century. As some of you know, I’ll do anything within my powers to make that happen. So I’m unconditionally offering 40 hours of my time to helping a truly social enterprise. Read the rest of this entry »

twittergivingisallwehave Latest initiative launched!


Today, on March 7, 2012, Giving is All we Have launches #givingisallwehave. This Twitter hashtag is intended for those around the world that unconditionally want to give and share products, time, talent, skills, knowledge or compassion with others. Read the rest of this entry »

nyenrode business administration copy Im giving away all of my business administration books


I am unconditionally giving away my business administration books. I was fortunate enough to study at Nyenrode business University, an experience of which I am reaping the fruits as we speak. But now, I would much rather make somebody else happy with those business books, than keeping them in my bookshelf. Read the rest of this entry »

0 Sacred Economics: Charles Eisenstein.
Yesterday, I stumbled across this video on Sacred Economics, in which author Charles Eisenstein takes you along his ideas on money and a gift society. Be inspired to do things differently in only 12 minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

spotlight1 Spotlight on Social Enterprises


Social enterprises. These game-changing companies show how business is done in the 21st Century. And thus deserve all the attention of the world. This spotlight is a first of a series of blogposts on social enterprises. This time: PIFWorld, Buttwrap Berlin & Doonited. Read the rest of this entry »

sharing2 Money & the Rise of the Alternative Currency


We’ve entered an exciting transformative period in which the role of money in our society is being reconsidered. Did you know for instance that all over the world alternative currencies are popping up? No? Well, buckle up then!

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consciousness2 klein Descartes & Damasios Error: Dono Ergo Non Sum


Many of you have probably heard of  ‘cogito, ergo sum’ (‘I think, therefore, I am’). But  does consciousness stem from our brain? What about the role of our body? Of our feelings, and emotions? Is consciousness ours anyway? Read the rest of this entry »

TEDxDordrecht Giving is all we have Giving is All we Have at TEDx Dordrecht


Great news! The 30th of March I’ll be speaking at the independently organised conference of TEDxDordrecht.

This years theme of TEDxDordrecht?

‘Being human, being the change’

Needless to say, I am very grateful that this opportunity has been given to me and hope to see you all at the conference.

Check them out at TEDxDordrecht!

Yours truly, Jeroen


Jeroen lLowlands bw klein Giving is All we Have kicks off for Lowlands 2012


Recently, the ‘Giving is All we Have’ team kicked off the first brainstorm session for Lowlands 2012. All with that insane goal of getting its 55.000 visitors to experience the joy & power of giving.

And I must say, some brilliant ideas came to fruition in a flow of creative energy! Big shout out goes to Marjon van der Velden, owner of www.mmousse.nl, for kickstarting the giving chain by making her inspirational yoga, art & whatever more space available to this greater good!

Things are looking vibrantly good. Stay tuned!

Meanhwile you can read about how it all started here.

volzin gift economy giving is all we have Putting soul into the economy through giving


Recently, I was interviewed for Volzin Magazine (Dutch magazine for purposeful living) along with two friends of mine about the Gift Economy. You can read the article here. I’ve translated it into English as well, if Dutch isn’t your cup of cake. ;-)

Download NL – De ziel moet terug in the economie
Download EN – Putting soul into the Economy

I would love to hear your reactions, ideas and opinions!

Yours truly, Jeroen

frequency Metagivics: A Theory of Everything


Allow me to shortly take you through my reasoning of how I concluded giving to be all we have. It is not about giving money to a good cause, as people usually ask me. It  basically constitutes the very essence of life. Read the rest of this entry »

i have a dream Starting up a Social Enterprise & Venture Capitalism in the 21st Century


Starting up a social enterprise can be quite a venture. So I am experiencing with Givolicious at this very moment. There’s general fuzziness around social enterprises. So I went on a short investigation into this wondrous world of social enterprising. Read the rest of this entry »

HUG3 The end of competition in business


For over decades the idea has been that markets are characterized by competition. Leading business thinkers up to this very moment still stress the importance of competitive spirit. But this business paradigm may render irrelevant in our 21st Century.

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love2 What if Money would represent Love?


“I don’t feel that comfortable with what I am doing at work right now. I should be following my dreams! But how do I do that? …It looks like I’ll be stuck here for another while. …Maybe, just maybe, I’ll win the State Lottery next time!”

Take an honest look around you. A lot of us are trapped within a golden cage. From which only few are able to escape.

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5majorshifts4 290x290 Five Major 21st Century Paradigm Shifts


Some feel we live in an awful period. A period of uncertainty and imbalance. Some are anxiously waiting for the storm to pass by. But we’ve reached a point of no return. And I must say;  I am very excited to live in this era. Not without fear, yet whole-heartedly embracing the unknown, our vulnerability and sheer endless possibility. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeroen Galapagos 1 Giving is All we Have @ Nyenrode University


New press coverage! Read my latest article in the Alumni Magazine of Nyenrode Business University here.

Dutch Version

English Version

control4 290x290 The Ceteris Paribus Folly: a Story about Illusion & Control


Do you believe you have control over the world around you? That the world is controllable causality? That you can simply isolate particular events to shape your future? Think again.

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work 290x290 A 21st Century Perspective on Management Development


The purpose of management development lies within its potential to attract, retain and develop people in alignment with organisational goals. But be aware! The 21st Century poses some daunting challenges… Read the rest of this entry »

cage ownership 150x150 Confession: ‘I don’t have anything anymore’


It took me 30 years to realise. The fortunate thing with insight is that it is not about when, but about if it happens. But this idea changed my life to such an extent, that I can’t go back to my old beliefs again. Read the rest of this entry »

 Giving is All we Have at Lowlands 2012?



How would you get 55.000 people at a festival to ‘Give’? We are looking for the wackiest, creative and most awe-inspiring ideas.  Join our team!

As you all know, it started out by giving away my ticket to Lowlands Festival in 2011 (check out this post). And things got out of hand because of this one small gift (yep, it’s contagious this ‘Giving’ thing). Now, for Lowlands 2012, we are pushing boundaries with an even more daunting goal of getting 55.000 people to ‘Give’ !

In the coming weeks we’ll gather a small team for creative concept- & proposition development, and ultimately execution at Lowlands 2012.

So send us your ideas at lowlands@givingisallwehave.com . The people with the most contagious ideas will be invited to join the team!




calculator1 We should give up on our search for purpose.


Okay, this might sound a little counter-intuitive. But it seems that the only way to progress into an era in which conscious businesses play a central role, is to give up on our search for purpose. Read the rest of this entry »

money cocaine 21 The Biology of Money, Cocaine & Stock Markets


Recently, I came across this little excerpt that I would like to share with you all. Latest developments in neuroscience prove striking similarities between how our brains react to financial gains on the stock markets and how they react to the effects of cocaine. Read the rest of this entry »

hapiness giving copy Giving Makes us Happier & Healthier


‘Happiness Economics’. ‘Social Capital’.  Economist imperialists are introducing fancy terms in their urge to expand their rational economic approach into ‘the Social’ . Meanwhile,  you and I already know by nature, and now for a fact, what makes us happier; Giving. Read the rest of this entry »

0 Defender of Mankind embodiment of Greed & Immorality

Last night I came across this little excerpt on BBC News. About a trader, Alessio Rastani, on the economic crisis. Who makes a perfect example of how dealing with abstract numbers leads to immoral behavior. Of how money sets off a reward mechanism, identical to using cocaine, that will make you want more.

Ironically, the name Alessio in Ancient Greek means; “defender of mankind”. Ha. Read the rest of this entry »

time philosophy 5 Paradigm Shift #2: From Now to Here


Scientists at CERN are racking their brains about what they have actually discovered.  About what the possible implications these billionths of a second could be, if their findings appear to be true. Meanwhile, people around the world already let their imagination go wild. Will we be able to travel into the future? Or even better, to the past? Read the rest of this entry »

intent centricity 4 Your Intent, Your Customer & the Dog Turd


‘Listening’ to your customers. Quantifying ‘Customer Segments’. Identifying ‘Unmet’ needs. A bunch of gibberish? Well, most of all a dangerous dog turd on the pavement for managers. And nobody wants to slip over that, do we? Read the rest of this entry »

CSR good 11  21st Century Corporate Social Responsibility


The times are changing. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) executives will have to shift their attention to deal with the biggest challenge for our 21st Century. Read the rest of this entry »

human after all Human After All


iRobot. The Matrix. The Terminator. Somehow we seem fascinated by the thought of a robotized future. Some are freightened by this idea. Others fully embrace it. Some people even think of ourselves as robots. But wait a minute: Are we robots? Read the rest of this entry »

pricingstrategy2 The Origin of Value and the End of Pricing Strategy


Marketers and pricing strategists beware. The world is changing. In a couple of years the discipline of pricing strategy will be a vague remembrance of the past.

Read the rest of this entry »

battleofsexes The Battle of the Sexes and Middle Magic


One could argue that over the past centuries we have been cultivating a society that builds on some very ‘masculine’ traits. Trend watchers are prophesizing that our 21st century’s society will be dominated by ‘feminine’ characteristics. ‘Who will win?’, I hear you ask. Read the rest of this entry »


ripples The Intent of Giving is All we Have


Thanks to all of you for becoming part of ‘Giving is All we Have’; a movement that is changing the world as we speak. Allow me to elaborate a bit more on the intent of  ‘Giving is All we Have’. On what you can expect the next coming months. Just to clear things up a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

Paradigm shift 11 Paradigm shift #1:                                       Receiving = Giving


Boiling down everything to its bare essence only one thing remains: Giving. It manifests in nature, social forms and ultimately the giving of life.  But what is this notion of “ Giving” exactly? And why do we need this economy to change towards one that thrives on both gift and money? Will this whole idea of “Gift” add anything to our current reality? Read the rest of this entry »


logo 2011 Confirmation of the Gift Philosophy:  Reflections on the past couple of days




The past couple of days have been an amazing experience. Let me shortly recap what happened. Recently I had some profound insights and embraced a new philosophy of giving, which can (very shortly) be condensed to the following: Read the rest of this entry »

lowlands 2010 051 1024x768 I’m giving away my ticket to A campingflight to Lowlands Paradise. For free. Not because I do not want to go, but because it is necessary.



Ever since the existence of a campingflight to Lowlands paradise, I have been a loyal visitor of this wonderful festival (ever since I was 14, that’s 17 years ago). I believe this 3 day- (and to the hardcore Lowlander a 5 day-) event creates some enchanting magic: it gives people an opportunity to see the bands they love and to  submerge in a mind-blowing experience that transcends every penny this wonderful organization charges. Read the rest of this entry »